About Us

Welcome to International Dance Productions, LLC, (“IDP”) an organization committed to furthering the art form and sport of dance at all levels (social, competitive, and professional), through a variety of dance types and music styles. As the founders of IDP, we are personally committed to ensuring that dance events are conducted with:

  • Integrity and Respect
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Open Dialogue toward Improvement

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We envision an organization that embraces the following elements:

  • Beginner-friendly social events; welcome entry-level competitors
  • Professionally organized and consistently run events
  • Challenging standards for upper level competitors
  • Respected evaluation of competition dancers by dancers
  • Cash and quality prizes for all competitive levels
  • More dancing — less rules

As you read these guidelines or tour our website, you’ll find more details about the organization, plans for the future and up-coming events, as well as information on how to partner with us as a competitor, volunteer, event owner, and/or sponsor. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to promote the excitement and quality of life available through partner dancing!! Now we have a sponsor “brightest civilian flashlight“, we are very happy to cooperate with it.

Sam & Denise Miller

Dale & Anita Strawser

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