On Saturday April 29th, Danceland Boomers in Albany, New York was the setting for the premiere event “Four Style Dance Extravaganza”. This event was organized by Brian Sipe to encourage dancers from ballroom, country, swing, and latin to join together for a day to celebrate dance and to give dancers the opportunity to experience the competition arena in a less intense and more friendy environment.

Under the guidelines of International Dance Productions, the daytime program included a series of newcomer and novice competitions for pro-am and couples, as well as plenty of open social dancing for everyone. Local participants were joined by dancers from Massachussetts, Rhode Island, and other areas of New York. It was obvious that everyone came well prepared to offer their best dancing to a very appreciative audience.

The evening “extravaganza” was kicked off by an awesome variety show featuring couples and teams – truly wonderful local talent – from all four styles of dance. Then the “California mix” open social dancing provided something for everyone to enjoy. Later, a terrific and entertaining “Jack and Jill” dance contest of approximately 20 couples who were matched up randomly, required all of the couples to attempt their best 2step, chacha, salsa, and west coast swing. It was wonderful to see people smiling, laughing, and encouraging each other who probably had never met or danced with each other, and who likely had never tried one or more of the dance styles in the mix.

It is now up to all of us who attended to spread the word about the fun that we had, and to encourage more dancers to join us next time. We are already hearing from some of those who attended that they are planning to either compete for the first time or add more dances next time.

Brian was gracious in his thanks to those who attended and participated in the event, to his judges and volunteers, and to his many sponsors who donated prize money or gifts. Thank you, Brian, for providing us the opportunity to have such a great celebration of dance here in our community.
Ruth & Les Whitehead

Additional comments from participants!

Brian’s Albany event was a lot of fun. Had a great time cheering on our local competitors. The mix of country, swing & ballroom was fun to experience again….Maryanne & Tim Ryan

It’s great to see so many of our varied dance communities melding together. It’s fun learning new dances and meeting new people and this type of event offers a chance for all of us to meet on common ground. Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?….Paul Uzzo

Love the mix of ballroom, country, swing and latin. So much fun to have a variety of leaders……Bonnie Cook

My favorite part of the event was seeing how everyone enjoyed the “Jack and Jill”….. Maureen Gandron

This event provided the perfect opportunity for a first-time competitor to experience the thrill of competing in a low-key, supportive and welcoming environment. It was an amazing mix of country, latin, ballroom and swing….Beth Proctor

The competition was a very fun experience. Brian and the gang did a GREAT job to make sure everyone had a wonderful time……….Myrna Lyons

There was something for everyone at this event. The evening show was extraordinary. The event was well-organized and kept on schedule. As a beginner, the Jack and Jill was a bit intimidating (considering all the champions and instructors competing with me) and I felt I dragged my partner down, but it was fun……Jim Dolan